Christmas Cheer All Year


Merry Christmas from Anomalous Darlings! I woke up this morning to my loved ones, the best Christmas gift ever. I trust that your Christmas is as wonderful as the little baby that was born thousands of years ago…

If we could measure the amount of joy during Christmas time, the measuring instrument would probably explode! From gifts and sweets to family and friends, people are typically full of cheer during this time of the year. But, if we were to take that same measuring instrument and measure the level of joy around January 25, the instrument would likely implode! It seems like everything comes to a head around the end of January. Things charged for Christmas gifts are asking to be paid. New Year’s Resolutions have been abandoned. And to top it off, life just seems so mundane when compared to the Christmas aura.

Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty excited when I opened my gifts, but I realize that the happiness I felt in that moment will not get me through the other 364 days of the year. But, the gift of Jesus will not only get me through Christmas day, but all the days of my life.

It is Christmas and I will not take anymore of your time…enjoy the day! Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and AD will see you Thursday for the LAST post of 2016.

Thanks for all the support, love and encouragement!

Until Thursday,


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