Cookie Cutter Christians


It truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which is why it would not be appropriate for Christmas to come and go, before I talked about cookies! Cookie cutters are mass-produced and are the exact same shape in all homes…except the ones that are defective that we all quickly take back to the store.

Monday, I was flipping through my Bible as I normally do. Sometimes, I read stories in their entirety. Sometimes, I look for specific verses. It all just depends.

And my eye caught Lamentations 4:2. At first I thought the verse was saying that we as Zion are worth more as pots of clay in the NIV version, but then I cross-referenced the MSG version. Checking multiple translations of the Bible is crucial for a correct understanding of what God is saying to us. I personally think of myself as a Bible researcher. A researcher never checks one source, but multiple sources to verify his/her findings. The MSG version revealed that Christians loose their worth and value in terms of fulfilling God’s calling when we allow the world to shape us. I love the phrase, “mass produced”!

“And the people of Zion, once prized, far surpassing their weight in gold, Are now treated like cheap pottery, like everyday pots and bowls mass-produced by a potter.” Lamentations 4:2 (MSG)

It is important to also note that Isaiah 64:8 says, “We are the clay, you are the potter…” (NIV). Did you notice the difference in the verses? Lamentations 4:2 says “a potter”, while Isaiah 64:8 says, “the potter”. For “a” to be used, that means there is more than one. But when “the” is used, that means there is only one. God is not a god of many gods, but the Only True God.

Nothing God does is ever mass produced. In fact everything God does is singularly produced as He attends to needs of each and every person with their own individuality!

Be you! And do whatever God created you to do. It will not be the same calling as mine or your neighbors…but it will be just as important in the eyes of God. He wants us to walk in originality not cookie cutterness!

Thanks for embarking on this Bible adventure with me! Tune in Sunday, as AD gives its Christmas gift out!

Until Sunday,


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