Microscopic Victories


Welcome back to AD! I trust that everyone has had a great and productive week!

Yesterday, I took my last final for my college classes, meaning that I am officially finished with school…till January. This past semester has been challenging, with new professors, courses, and other obligations to juggle. There were many moments when I went to God, and said, “I need you, right now”. And He answered…over and over again. I never flunked one exam or missed one homework assignment. He gave me strength to not just fulfill obligations, but to excel in them. When we trust God, He always proves Himself strong and mighty!

So quite naturally, I was in extremely good spirits…until I realized that an online course still demanded my attention. And that I needed to fill this paper out…contact that person…and the list just went on and on. Before I knew it, I was so engrossed in stress that I had forgotten about God’s faithfulness to me. I had already moved on to the worry of the future and totally disregarded the victory of the present.

Victory is like sugar. One particle of sugar is no sweeter than one million particles of sugars. Victory is victory. Whether it be small, like having a safe drive to/from work, or big, like the full recovery of a sick family member. We may have to sift through a lot of sour circumstances to find that one little sweet victory, but those tiny victories are like manna from Heaven. They come to us as encouragement, and messages of hope.

I pray that through the most bitter trials, you will find something sweet to lift your spirits and renew your faith. And just having the ability to look for hope in a situation is  victory, since you are still breathing!

Until Sunday,


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