Just Because God Hasn’t Yet…

Goodbye November & Hello December, we have just 30 days left in 2016…unbelievable!

Since we were road-tripping on Sunday, I thought we could continue our drive through this analogy of automobiles and our daily lives.

Often times we get caught up in wanting the promises to be fulfilled as soon as the need presents itself, but faith does not operate like that.

Imagine you are sitting at a stoplight and you are late for class or work. It is of extreme importance that the stoplight turn green, so you can get to your destination. However, the sense of urgency does not make the stoplight change any faster. Yet, we wait on that stoplight, because we know that the stoplight has the ability to turn green, but just hasn’t yet.

Just because God hasn’t yet…doesn’t mean He isn’t able.

God and His promises are like that. We have to walk by faith and know that the lack of physical manifestation is not the evidence of God’s inability, but His perfect plans and timing.

I wrote this post back in October, as a stand-alone thought, but who knew that God had a different train of thought.

I challenge you and myself to wait for God and His scheduling in our lives. I also encourage you to write down everything that God speaks to your heart and spirit. You never know who might need it, or when!

Until Sunday,


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