The Road Trip of Life

I hope you had a great and relaxing Thanksgiving! Now we are just a month away from Christmas and 2017…I simply can’t believe it!

Thanksgiving, this year was said to be one of the most traveled holidays in decades, with many families and friends spending time together. Chances are that most people either drove a car to their destination, or drove a car to an airport, and then flew to their destination.

We use cars for various things, from getting to work and school to visiting relatives and sight seeing. While driving, there will be moments of acceleration and braking. It is impossible to go anywhere without stopping at some point. Just like driving a car without gasoline is recipe for going nowhere!

God and His word in our lives, is like gasoline to car…without Him we can’t move forward.

I often struggle with the lack of progress in my life. I may not be gaining weight, but I’m not necessarily losing weight either. I may be grasping the concepts in class, but I am still not at the level of understanding I want. I may be getting better in my time management, but I am still far from proficient. However there is a major flaw in my thinking as I am unable, but HE is.

Progress entails moving forward and taking some pauses along the way. Just like a road-trip, in which no one drives all the way through without making a pit stop or encountering a traffic light. And even though we may not be where we want to be, with God’s presence in our lives, we will always end up exactly where we need to be.

Have a great week, and enjoy the last few days of November 2016. See you December 1st for AD’s next post.

Until Thursday,


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