From Blaze to Breakthrough 

Welcome back to AD on another beautiful day that our Maker has made! Looking around at all the evil and negativity that has been allowed to run rampant in this world saddens my heart, but also further fuels the devil’s schemes.

Recently, due to the semester closing in December and various other obligations, I have felt an insane amount of heat trying to destroy my peace. Life has a sarcastic sense of humor, in which some days everything goes smoothly and on other days, all chaos breaks out.

Inspired by Sunday’s post Come Back, I started a prayer journal and became more serious about meeting with God daily. However, little did I know that this week, I would really need to hear God’s voice through all the distractions, and take my own advice. It is easy to tell someone, “Galatians 6:9, I promise your harvest is on the way!”, but telling ourselves the same encouragement that we give others is typically a challenge. And as always, God speaks when we call out to Him. He gave me this powerful thought, Tuesday morning:

“Like an aerosol can that explodes in the fire. Your breakthrough is coming through this blaze!”

Aerosol cans always have a warning label to keep them away from high temperatures as those high temperatures will cause the aerosol can to implode. In which you and I are the aerosol cans, and the devil and his demonic friends are the high temperatures around us, that steadily rise. Just like the heat attempts to destroy the aerosol can, the devil tries to get us to forfeit the blessings God has given to us.

Although God does not cause an accident, bad grade, or tough financial circumstances, I know that He uses those experiences to refine and take us deeper in our relationship with Him. The fires we are facing  cannot compare to the breakthrough that is coming, Romans 8:18.

So when you are feeling the pressures of life, remember that breakthroughs occur as a result of an extreme force acting on something. That something, being you, and that pressure being the devil’s lies.

Will you be ready when your aerosol can bursts, and God’s abundance of blessings hit your house, body, relationships, career etc.?

Have a relaxing, and amazing weekend! See you Sunday for AD’s next post.



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