The Decision Road

Happy Sunday from Anomalous Darlings!

When you are traveling on a road there are normally only four directions, in which the direction chosen will dictate your destination. Recently, I realized that I was living in the crossroads of these four directions:


  • Believing and Trusting God

Destination: Maximum success along with an abundance of peace and prosperity

  • Believing God, but not fully trusting Him

Destination: Minimum success along with little peace and prosperity

  • Believing God, but having no trust in Him

Destination: No success, peace or prosperity

  • No belief or trust in God

Destination: No success, peace or prosperity


Trusting and believing God are perpendicular lines that will forever intersect. A Christian who does not trust God, reaches the same earthly destination as an unbeliever. Believing in God and Jesus guarantees us eternity in Heaven, but trusting God guarantees us an earthly life full of prosperity.

We are all on the decision road, and facing the same crossroad of how much we will trust God with our lives. However, the amazing thing about God is that it is never too late to trust and rely on Him. His arms and mouth are always open to carry and speak to us.

I am choosing to trust God with all my heart, and lean not on my own understanding. There will be moments of stress and uncertainty, but my reaction to stress whether it be to pray or pity myself, will make all the difference.

The success, peace and prosperity in our life, or lack of, will ultimately be based on choices we make while on the decision road. We were made to trust God, and though we will never have perfect trust in God, we have a perfect love from God and that is enough.

Let the last few days of October 2016 be the best yet! See you back here on Thursday for the next post…




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