Letting Negativity Block Your Vision

Happy Sunday, my fellow Anomalous Darlings!

Have you ever woken up and was in a funk before your feet even hit the floor? Well, that was me yesterday morning. I was frustrated and upset and the day had not even started yet.

It was an accumulation of the last few days, which have been so challenging and trying. Instead of looking over my life and being grateful, I let my mind wander to mountains that God has yet to move.

My sour mood persisted even after running some errands. Upon arriving home, I missed a once in a lifetime opportunity, because I did not cast down negative thoughts. There was a spider weaving its web across my front porch and the spider looked as if it was walking on air. It was such a remarkable sight that I failed to capture, due to  my inability to see past my self induced pity-party.

In retrospect, I wonder how many timeless memories we have let pass us by? Passing us by, because we let our eyes lose focus of Christ and become blinded by our present tribulations. Life is all about living, learning and applying. I may never get another opportunity to capture a spider walking on air, but I can prevent myself from missing future moments. And that is enough.

Have an amazing week. Great things are in store for you and me!


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